Reclaimed Rubber (High Tensile Grade)

  • reclaim rubber high tensile grade
      • Whole Tyer Reclaim Rubber (High Tensile Grade) is unique product recycled out of butyl rubber tube scrap. The scrap butyl tubes are pure butyl and no other polymer content is present. Also it is a harder and less porous material than other and has enough elasticity to form an airtight seal.
      • Physical Index
        Test Name
        Test Method
        Specific Gravity (gm/cc)
        ASTM D297-18
        1.14 Max.
        Tensile Strength (kg/cm²)
        ASTM D412
        75 Min.
        Elogation At Break (%)
        ASTM D412
        250 Min.
        Mooney Viscosity (ml)
        ASTM D1646
        40 - 60
        Hardness (Shore A)
        ASTM 2240
        55 - 65
        Chemical Index
        Test Name
        Test Method
        SUPERFINE RTRR - 55 Content
        Ash Content (%)
        ASTM D297-18
        Carbon Black (%)
        ASTM E1131
        18 – 30
        Acetone Extract (%)
        ASTM D297-18
        6 - 16
        RHC (%)
        ASTM E1131
        48 Min.
      • Application: Reclaim rubber widely used in Truck Tyres, Tread Rubber and Rubber Moulded Components. Moderately refined reclaim rubber mainly used in Cycle Tyres, Rubber Mat, Battery Containers and also in molded rubber products. Coarse reclaim rubber mainly used in Tyre Flaps, Matts, Pedal Rubber, Rubber Sheets Floor/ Coir Matt etc...
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